OLD MONEY AMERICA explores the attitudes and behavior of rich, long-standing families. Sometimes called the Upper Class, Elites, Patricians, Blue Bloods or Brahmins, here we use the term these people use themselves: Old Money.

This group is not limited to white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants. Rich families -- regardless of race or ethnic origins -- eventually adopt similar manners, quirks and pre-occupations. Upper class blacks in Massachusetts are very much like elite Armenians in Michigan or English clans in Florida.

The Old Money population is approximately 500,000 -- about double that of the Amish or Cherokees. And like those two groups, Old Money is a cultural sub-set worthy of examination and discussion.

This is not a hymn of praise or a Marxist rant. Like anybody, upper-class Americans have qualities that are both noble and obnoxious, along with their share of heroes and stinkers. And yes, Old Money's opinions, speech and habits may seem eccentric and contradictory. But patrician traits are not arbitrary. This site will explore the reasons behind their distinctive way of life.

So put on your chinos and beat-up loafers as we enter the world of OLD MONEY AMERICA.